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Phantom Blackberry


Do you see it?

No, not the delicious strawberries and blackberries, the phantom blackberry bubble?  Strange, huh?

In case you were thinking I fell off the wagon and was having fruit and cream, think again.  This here, my friends, is one of my favorite Paleo breakfasts when I’m not having a green juice.  Put on your smarty pants because it’s a complicated recipe:

1/4  cup blackberries*
1/4  cup strawberries*
1/4  cup kiwis*
1/2  13.5-oz. canned, full-fat (none of the “lite” crap) coconut milk*
Touch of honey if you’re feeling crazy
*Organic, if available

I usually have this with a few slices of bacon and I honestly think it’s better than your standard issue fruit and cream and SO much better for you.  Added bonus, you don’t have to think where those udders have been and instead can imagine the tropical locale where the coconut came from.  I would call that a win-win!

Stay tuned for the best rib recipe EVER via the resident chef/musician/koolcat/boyfriend of the household.


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