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Something in the Water


Is it just me, or is there something bad swimming around in the universal karmic waters lately?

I don’t know if you watch the stupor-inducing, and disturbingly addictive, 24/7 cable news channels (I personally dig CNN’s Anderson Cooper, a.k.a. Andy Coop in my dojo) or maybe you are a loyal newspaper consumer, but regardless of how you get your news, I doubt you have missed the fact that the world is a damn mess right now.

Let’s review the headlines, shall we?

1.  The Colorado Rockies are in last place in the National League.  WTF.  Playing baseball is hard I guess.  Put me in coach.

2.  I have seen approximately one million ALS Ice Bucket Challenges.  If only there were these types of challenges for every ailment out there.  I’m hoping for peanut butter and jelly elimination wrestling for my disease.  Bonus: you can have a protein-packed meal while you raise money AND ice water is not involved.

3.  Okay, maybe this one isn’t news but whatever.  My dear friend showed me this website,  Skivvies with a purpose, y’all.  Even if you don’t wear knickers, that’s your business, just contribute to the cause.

Not quite the news ticker you had scrollling through your mind?  Fine.

The Middle East conflict.  Ebola outbreaks.  ISIS in Iraq.  U.S. considering going BACK into Iraq.  Passenger airlines being shot down.  Ukraine.  And Putin.  Syria.  Unarmed teenagers being murdered by law enforcement officials.  Robin Williams, RIP.

Awesome sauce.  I’m turning off the boob-tube now.

Time for some personal headline news because sharing is caring, especially when it’s all puppies and rainbows.

In my family, the removal of seemingly vital organs has been breaking news.  Grizzly (one of my dogs) had his spleen taken out.  The vet informed us that dogs don’t need it so….why do they have it?  Are there other organs that are, in fact, useless in dogs and humans alike?  The week after the canine splenectomy (yep, it’s a word), my Dad had emergency open-heart surgery.  And news to me – the entire heart is removed during surgery, repaired, and then plopped back in and “hooked” up.  Are you kidding me?  Heart surgeons are the bee’s knees.  Period.  This organ is vital.

And to end on a positive note, and one that is related to my Dad’s recent ordeal, let’s watch the beloved Robin Williams take it to the next level.

P.S. – The crazy-eyed flounder photo is perfect for this post.  His world is (argh, was) undoubtedly crazy, too.  Look at those eyes!  Don’t you love evolution?


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  1. Loving this. Thank you for sharing and letting us be part! I am so thankful your dad is on the mend. Such an amazing guy. Ever onward and upward.


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